Fire Country

The Fire country, 500 years ago, it was the largest and wealthiest of the five great shinobi nations. Now, it is a more somber desolate place. It has also become the poorest nation among the nations that survived till today. The terrain is mostly desolate plains, with rivers, a couple of mountains and dense forests created to mimic what they used to look like in the past. The country's soft climate may be the reason it can rise again to prosperity, as harvests can be collected twice a year and natural disasters are rare. The borders of the Fire Country are guarded by adept shinobi of Konohagakure no Sato and an army that has grown stronger during the last century; headed by the Shogun. It can not be called the greatest country in the ninja world, however, it is considered the strongest, standing ninja village.

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  1. Konohagakure

    The people of the land of fire are known to be the bravest and the most loyal of all the ninja in the world. Their village is located in a great clearing, surrounding by a forest that has just newly grown in the last century. The forest, although not the largest, but it is the most protected forest in the ninja world, there are many paths sprouting outwards to other lands through the forest, so although it is small as a young ninja you can easily be lost. The city itself is surrounded by large walls and three gates leading outwards, there was once only one gate, however, during the catastrophic war of humans ninja realized they needed to evacuate citizens quicker than before. Konohagakure, just being recently rebuilt is the home of a multitude of races, citizens and ninja’s alike. Their power and strength waned through the last 200 years have caused other powers to look at them in contempt.
  2. Forest of Death

    The Forest of Death is located not far from the Hidden Leaf village and is actually considered as one of the training areas for its shinobi. It was once renowned as the greatest forest in all of Fire Country, and after 100 years of rebuilding, it once again became renowned. This huge forest is sometimes used for the chunin exams, however, most people come here to train and test their perception in the forest of death because of the many hazards it holds, some seemingly unnatural. This forest greatly differs from the other ones in Fire Country. It's huge trees grow so dense that it is always dark inside. Many vicious animals lurk in the forest, making anyone who dared enter to stay on guard all the time. This place is so dangerous even jounin might not get away unharmed.
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  3. Valley of The End

    The Valley of the End is on the border between the Land of Fire and the Land of Rice Fields. It was named so following the foundation of Konohagakure when two legendary shinobi; whose names were lost in time fought for control of the village at this location. One was victorious and the second was believed to have died. In memory of their battle, two giant statues were built on opposite sides of the huge waterfall found there. However, after the catastrophic war, new statues were erected, in remembrance the 7th Hokage on the side of Fire Country and a great dragon on the other side.


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