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Discussion in 'Advertisement Area' started by Horus, Jan 5, 2017.

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    We have no uniform advertising template, so you can format your posts however you like.
    There are only a few requirements:
    1. Your ad must not violate The Ninja RP Terms of Service.
    2. You must have a guest friendly advertisement board where we can advertise in turn.
    3. Do not post your ads multiple times. You can bump them from time to time if you want.
    4. Remember to check your advertisements in the preview, to see if your code is working properly, as there is no HTML on this forum.
    5. You must put a prefix before the thread name indicating whether you are linking back, or if it is your first time posting the advertisement.
    6. If you return, please note as First Link after our advertisement has been placed we will move the prefix to Linking Back Advertisement.

    For any questions concerning affiliation, please contact @Horus
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