Mission [C] A Rogues Tale Part 2

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    Mission Type: Generic
    Mission Rank: C
    Client: Village Council
    Requirements: C Rank, Must have completed A Rogues Tale
    Description: You have utterly failed the mission A Rogues Tale. Recent news has surfaced that the rogue ninja, that you supposedly captured and dealt with...was merely an underling of a whole network of rogue ninjas that have moderately infested the village. Your failure has directly lead to an increase in rogue ninja activity within the boundaries of the country. The village council is extremely angry, to the point of spurting blood from their mouths. To their horror, the one to fix this problem will be you!...Or so the Kage has deemed, the one who made the mistake has to fix it. Your job...if you ever do get it right, is to find the boss and extract all relevant information from him to directly capture and detain all rogue ninja in the country who work for this organization.
    Conditions: At least 2+ Genin members; Extract information from boss, causing capture of all rogue ninja in the country.
    Reward: 300

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