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    General Rules

    Single Account
    The Ninja RP uses an account per player system. This is to make things simpler for the whole community. This will not restrict your role playing freedom in any way. As you can have multiple role-playing characters.

    Remember, every member of this forum is a human being like yourself. We may not always see eye-to-eye, but we all have feelings and reasons for thinking a certain way. Even if you feel strongly about something, we ask that you take the time to reply in a way that will not purposefully offend someone.

    This rule does not apply as strongly to interactions between characters; your character is free to treat others in any way they please. We only ask that you do not abuse this freedom.

    Every member of the forum should be old enough to know that the world is not a nice place and that babies are not brought by storks. For this reason, we do not forbid mature and controversial topics from being discussed. Obscene and explicit content that has nothing but shock value, however, will not be tolerated.

    This rule applies to roleplay sections, as well. While it is all in writing, we ask that you do not describe mature content any more than necessary for your character's story.

    No Explicit Content
    This means that explicit content is forbidden from being posted on this board. Any mature content in the form of audio, video and/or images will be deleted without warning. Mature content in any form; at all is also forbidden from appearing in Out Of Character sections of the board.

    We understand that the ages, education levels, and native languages of our members may vary. However, a role play site is about writing a story together. You don't have to be great from the start, but you are expected to put some effort into your posts.

    There is a separate section for advertisements. If any kind of advertisement appears anywhere else on the board, it will be removed without warning.

    Role Play Rules

    Character Profiles
    To begin role playing, you must have at least one character profile approved by staff. You may have any number of characters, but you shouldn't make more than you can maintain.

    Additionally, we ask that you place links to your characters' profiles in your signature, for the sake of convenience. You can do so, by simply adding the link of your character profile directly into your signature. If you want to add another character simply press enter for the next line and paste the new url. Easy as that.

    Liquid Role Play
    This forum allows a single character to be present in multiple role play topics at once, with a few limitations:
    • Anything your character acquires in a topic (information, item, ability etc.) can only be used in topics created (joined) after it ends (is left).
    • The above rule may be partially circumvented by abilities or techniques.
    • A single character cannot take part in multiple events or death-enabled topics at once.

    Mature Role Play
    This board allows mature role play under one condition: you must add a [Mature] tag to the title of a topic that contains adult themes, this can be found in thread prefixes. Keep in mind there is a big difference between "mature" and "obscene" or "explicit", as well.

    Common Courtesy
    Stick to these simple rules when role playing: 1) don't have your character do/know something they shouldn't be able to do/know; 2) don't control the characters of other players; 3) don't control the environment (objects, creatures, people) without a good reason. If a problem arises, do not turn it into a debate: PM a staff member instead.

    Character Death
    Normally, it is only allowed to kill characters with their creator's consent. This rule doesn't apply to death enabled topics, which must be marked at creation.

    Game Masters
    Sometimes, the staff of the forum will enter a topic as game masters. They can control the environment around player characters and the outcomes of their actions. This is usually done for events, to add uncertainty and consequences to your characters' adventures. They are allowed to override common role play rules for this purpose. If you feel like a game master is treating you unfairly, you should appeal to them or another staff member.

    Obtaining Canon and Custom Abilities
    Three parts here. You don't have to do anything extra to obtain your own custom abilities, only get them approved and start learning them. To obtain someone's else custom, you should ask for their permission. To obtain a canon ability, you need moderator permission for special abilities and bloodlines. Jutsu and traits do not require additional permission except for the requirements listed.

    Summoning Creatures
    You may obtain a summoning creature by signing a summoning contract for its species. The contract is usually a large scroll which is meant to be signed with blood, but what it is and how the agreement is made may vary. This item does not have to be made as a custom, but should be listed in the owner's inventory.
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