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    The Bijuu:
    The lore for the creation of these creates differs depending on the country of origin one is from, what is a known fact is there are ten of them, Ichibi - Jyuubi, with each one having a vastly different persona than the next. Yes, that is correct, even though their main goal is to kill everything, it doesn't mean that the Bijuu don't have feelings, in fact maybe more so than most give them credit for. This, in turn, allows them to produce greater bonds with their Jinchūriki (Host), granting both the synergy to perform feats that would otherwise be impossible for both in a normal circumstance. Standing no less than thirty feet in height, the Bijuu while free to their own devices are seemingly untamable, it is because of this that they began to be captured and forcibly placed into a Host, as it is only then that their immense power is capable of being harnessed.

    The Jinchūriki:
    The unlucky (or lucky, depends on how you see it); the person who was tasked to be the vessel for one of the Tailed Beast. The Jinchūriki, simply put, holds the fate and all of the immense power packed within the Bijuu. However, such power has always come with great responsibility, as every Bijuu has literally been sealed within their host, granting the user only portions of the Tailed Beast power while it is still locked in its cell. Along the face of the user, there is always an identifying trait of which Bijuu they contain, and always a feature from the type of animal the Bijuu itself is. Thus making many weary or envious of the Jinchūriki, being bitterly afraid, deathly afraid, or downright wanting the power for themselves. Nonetheless, being a Jinchūriki growing up is not easy for the most part due to all of these factors, however, any social stigma/stereotype can be overcame.

    Bonding: While being a Jinchuriki comes with an immense amount of abilities and strength, in the long run, getting to that point is a task in itself, as the level of power the Jinchuriki has is directly affected by the amount of synergy and the bond between he/she and the Bijuu itself. Traditionally this bond is created by befriending the Bijuu, so when more of it is released, it doesn't simply try and completely take over the Host. However there have been Jinchuriki in the past that have achieved synergy through other methods, be it fear, anger, or otherwise. Bonding can only be done through Quests, with their being a grand total of four. However, regardless of the competence of the Jinchuriki, they can force themselves into a form (or force more chakra from their beast) whenever they feel, however, this will almost certainly lead to rampaging every single time. Each successful attempt at a Quest results in a +1 to Bond level, with a maximum of a level 4 Bond.

    Bijuu Chakra: Likely the most notable of all features of a Jinchuriki, is the absurdly large Chakra Pool that they all carry. It is the Bijuu who chooses when they want their host to have their chakra if they aren't forced. While the user can scale to having access to all of their Bijuus chakra, they only start out with access to a quarter of it, with it going up by another quarter with access to the next stage of their Jinchuriki forms. This, in turn, means that Jinchuriki still learning to Bond with their Bijuu cannot maintain Jinchuriki form states for incredibly long amounts of time, though not leaving them utterly defenseless when they exit the form.


    Name: Initial Jinchuriki Form
    Requirements: Be A Jinchuriki
    Description: The most basic of the basic ability of a Jinchuriki is obviously their initial form, which allows them to only get minute scrapings from their Bijuu. When the Chakra is accessed, the user gains a visible yet shapeless aura around themselves which is the color of the Bijuus chakra. Aside from that every post this form is up, it takes some of the user's chakras regardless of what other abilities are used during its duration. When entering this form, the facial trait from being a host becomes slightly sharper.

    Name: Version 1
    Requirements: Be A Jinchuriki, Bond Level 1 (Or lose Control)
    Description: Becoming less afraid of their Bijuu stealing them, the user has begun to partially remove the sealing device from their imprisoned Beast, giving them access to more chakra from it. The cloak appears as the silhouette of the Bijuu itself, however still allowing the host to be seen within it, as it is translucent. Capable of extending any appendage of their cloak up to 5 meters, these limbs are capable of interacting with objects and people in the same fashion as their real arms or legs would. Aside from that, the chakra which makes the cloak is harmful in itself, causing second degree burns if someone happens to be touching it for more than a brief moment (1 post). The cloak offers protection against weapons, as weapons under the ninja's rank are unable to penetrate the cloak, while with jutsu it directly reduces jutsu power by half a rank, making S(Kinjutsu) ranked jutsu attacks S-rank and so on.

    Name: Partial Transformation
    Requirements: Be A Jinchuriki, Bond Level 2 (Or Lose Control)
    Description: Less of an actual form, and more of a utility ability that somewhat helps the users depending on their situation. Partial Transformation allows the user to bring forth parts of their Bijuu in place of their own. Be it a leg, arm, ears, tail, etc etc. Based on the animal that the Bijuu represents, the ability to partially transfigure one's own limbs can be extremely useful. With that said, only one appendage is allowed to have a special type ability, which has to be noted in the character application. Aside from this, the user gains access to another chunk of their Bijuus chakra. Per each Partial Transformation on a limb, the user expends the same amount as Initial Transformation of their chakra per post.

    Name: Version 2
    Requirements: Be A Jinchuriki, Bond Level 3 (Or lose Control)
    Description: Bigger, worse, and slightly more potent than Version 1. The host themselves have taken on a miniature bipedal appearance of their Tailed Beast. Glowing white orbs where their eyes used to be, the Jinchuriki sprouts the same number of tails as their Bijuu, with their skin seemingly quivering with the chakra laid upon it. Capable of producing Chakra Arms from any area of the Jinchurikis body, they are capable of the same burn damage and extension as Version 1 while having a maximum amount of Chakra Arms capable of manifestation at one time being sixteen. While in Version 2 state, the layer of Bijuu chakra on their skin is capable of reacting to danger on its own accord, protecting the user wherever it can.

    The cloak offers protection against weapons, as weapons under the ninja's rank are unable to penetrate the cloak, while with jutsu it directly reduces jutsu power by a full rank, making S-ranked jutsu attacks A rank and so on. Furthermore, Version 2 is capable of producing the almighty Tailed Beast Bomb, which takes an automatic quarter of the user's chakra, and is capable of causing massive amounts of destruction, leveling 1/4th of a village rather easy. Literally a homicide ball of chakra that the user spits from their mouth, it only has one purpose and one purpose only. However, it takes 2 posts to charge up in this state and can be interrupted or blocked like any other S(Kinjutsu) jutsu. Version 2 consumes much more of the Bijuu's total chakra pool per post.

    Name: Full Transformation/Bijuu Mode
    Requirements: Be A Jinchuriki, Bond Level 4 (Or Lose Control)
    Description: At this point the Jinchuriki and the Bijuu are 100% Bonded, meaning that the seal holding the Bijuu is completely off.and this can be good or bad. If one were to lose control with no seal, then their Bijuu would consume them, the user pronounced dead, and the Bijuu capable of being resealed in another host. However, if the Bond is one of trust, then the circumstances become completely different. At this point, the host has access to all of the Bijuus chakra, while also capable of growing to the beast full size if the user so chooses. While actually yielding fewer advantages than Version 2, what the form lacks in versatility, it makes up for in raw power. Capable of firing off Tailed Beast Bomb in the same post the user charges it, a single one is capable of leveling half of a village, having the power of an S(Kinjutsu), taking half of the Bijuus chakra per Bomb. Bijuu Mode consumes a quarter of the Bijuu's total chakra pool per post.

    Species of Bijuu What species is it (Can't be the same as someone else)
    Number of tails How many tails does it have (can't be same as someone else)
    Color of Chraka (try and be different to other peoples. Also just don't say 'blue, or red, say things like black with golden streaks running through.

    Bijuu Personalty:
    Jinchūriki Markings
    (Such as Naruto's cheek marks, Gaara's Tanuki eyes and so on.)


    • Can not be Dual Bloodline
    • Can not use Bloodline and Bijuu at the same time
    • If you have a bloodline you must sacrifice one of the following: Special Ability slot, All Trait Slots, All elements, or two style points
    • Jinchūriki are incapable of learning multi-stage special abilities; regardless of bloodline or no bloodline.
    • Jinchūriki may not be a Sage.
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