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    Nature Chakra/Natural Energy: Within all things in the natural environment resides large amounts of Nature Chakra that is capable of being used by those who are capable of entering Sage Mode. Given the nature of the Chakra type, it is seemingly endless, thus when a Sage begins to channel the natural energy, their chakra pool actually steady increases instead of decreasing by any degree.

    The Summons: Sages have an innate affinity for...summoning, the power of the summons scale based on the type of summon it is, with a minor summon having a minor boost to their physical stats, Major having a higher boost to their physical stats, and Boss summons having a huge boost to their physical stats. Aside from this, the user is capable of having as many summon's as they wish on the field at one time with the exception of Boss summons, so long as they have the chakra to make it feasible. Furthermore, while most Sages have a connection to an animal, there are those rare breeds that have connections to specific objects, beast, or even entire environments like the Senju Clan.


    Integration: What makes a Sage actually capable of entering and maintaining Sage Mode, is the ability to draw in the Natural Energy from their environment. In order to achieve higher levels of Mastery in sage mode, it is up to the sage to complete trials and task denoted to them by their tribe or chosen contracted being/beast/object (performed as a Quest). With every successful trial, their Integration Level increases, increasing their Mastery as well as making it easier for them to draw in the Natural Energy in general.

    Senjutsu: Bigger and much nastier than a normal jutsu of the same type and rank, a Senjutsu ability is that added power one needs to overcome even jutsu that their own chakra type would be weak against. Only capable of being used while in Sennin Mode, the actual change in the jutsu isn't static. Meaning, it doesn't only have to be a power of a jutsu that is increased, instead it could be size, range, prep time, or something else entirely, nonetheless, every Senjutsu has to be registered in the Jutsu section Furthermore, Senjutsu is capable of hitting incorporeal beings or objects as if they were solid structures.


    Name: Sage Mode
    Requirements: Be A Sage. Integration Level 1
    Description: The beginning of the journey for any sage. Incapable of drawing in Nature Chakra any other way other than being stationary and concentrating on doing so (2 Full Posts). While incredibly handicap in this state, if the user can actually manage to draw in any Natural Chakra, they are still potent. While only capable of using up to B-rank Senjutsu and only being able to fire off two techniques before exiting Sage Mode, their physical state is a bit different. In this state, the user has an abundance of physical features from the animal/beast/object they have a connection to. Nonetheless, because of their low mastery, the user can only maintain this form for a total of five posts before having to stand still and draw in more Nature Energy.

    Name: Imperfect Sage Mode
    Requirements: Be a Sage. Integration Level 2
    Description: The second level of Sage Mode, which is severely better than the first level. Finally, the user now understands enough about Sennin Modoo that they have devised a method to draw in Natural Energy through a medium of some sorts. Be it an animal, object, clone, or otherwise. Having a nearly infinite abundance of natural chakra to use via this method, the only way to remove them from this form is to stop whatever medium is drawing in the chakra for them. When diffused, the Sage must wait for a total of ten posts before they can enter Sage Mode again. Furthermore, as in the previous level of Mastery, the Sage maintains limitless stamina while in this form. Being highly impressive chakra nukes, a Medium Mastery Sage is capable of performing up to A(Kin) Senjutsu. Their Natural Chakra also makes them increasingly more durable than most, making them capable of taking up to B(Kin) damage and only being barely injured. However, when struck by a higher jutsu (and attempting to negate) it causes them to exit Sage Mode for 10 posts, though the damage itself is also negated up to A(Kin). In this state, the user has very minimal markings from their contracted tribe. If their Active is used in Medium Mastery, it takes 12 posts before the user can enter Sage Mode again.

    Name: Perfect Sage Mode
    Requirements: Be A Sage, Integration Level 3
    Description: Maybe the most important ability of this stage is that the Sage is capable of drawing in large amounts of Natural Energy without the assistance of anything or anyone. Instead of drawing in the chakra has become second nature, as natural as breathing or blinking. Furthermore, the Sage has full access to all levels of Senjutsu, drowning in Natural Energy, while also having limitless stamina. Because they have such an abundance of Natural Energy, their endurance is otherworldly, capable of tanking A(Kin) level jutsu with only minute amounts of damage being taken. However, if they choose, the user can stop up to S(Kin) jutsu, though this will cause them to exit the form for twenty posts, though potentially saving them from a fatal blow. When forced to exit Extreme Mastery Sage Mode in this manner, the user is left with little stamina and their chakra pool is at half capacity. Furthermore, their Natural Energy is capable of nullifying Genjutsu of the users own rank. Carrying only a single marking from their contracted tribe, the Sage is completely in tune with nature. It is because of this that it is rumored that the only way to kill a Sennin of this level, is to render them out of this form.

    • Can not be Dual Bloodline
    • Can not use Bloodline and Sage mode at the same time
    • If you have a bloodline you must sacrifice one of the following: Special Ability slot, All Trait Slots, All elements, or two style points
    • Sages are incapable of learning multi-stage special abilities; regardless of bloodline or no bloodline.
    • Sages may not be a Jinchuriki.
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