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    Summons / Summon Contracts / How to summon

    What are Summons?

    Summons are animals or creatures 'summoned' using a B-rank kinjutsu and item scroll. In canon, a person would put their blood initials on the scroll which would grant them the ability to summon the creature's names written in the scroll.

    How do I make a summoning contract?

    You will use the item template currently in place, but all contracts will be B rank items. In the description, you will simply put a small description of the contracted creatures specialty. As for requirements, they tend to be "Must be taken from or given to by the current owner."

    How do I make summons?

    First, you will have to make a B rank item for the contract in the Post Weapons section. You will make a list of the summons available in the Post Characters section. There is a template provided specifically for summons and pets.

    How does the summoning system work here?

    There are three levels of summons: Minor, Major, and Bosses.

    D-Rank shinobi are limited to a minor summons. C rank shinobi are limited to Major summons, while A+ shinobi can summon boss summons.

    How many jutsu can my summon know?

    Minor summons are allowed 2 jutsu and are limited to B rank or less. Major summons are allowed 3 jutsu and are limited to A rank or less. Boss summons are allowed 5 jutsu and are limited to S rank or less, and are allowed 1 S-rank kinjutsu. Kinjutsu is considered a half step higher for jutsu limit purposes.

    Summons typically use jutsu that do not require hand seals; for jutsu that do use hand seals, it is assumed they use a version which does not. It is also allowed to make custom jutsu within the summon creation that is specifically designed for the summon only.

    Summons and Items:

    The weapons a summon can use depend on the level of the summon and the rank of the item. Minor summons are allowed to use items up to C rank. Summons Of Major rank are allowed to use items up to B rank. Boss summons are allowed to use items up to A rank. No summon is allowed to use S rank items.

    Miscellaneous Information

    You are not allowed to make contracts for summoning types already made.

    You are allowed to use already made contracts; however, you must have the contract creator's permission.

    If the person who made the contract is inactive, you may ask an administrator to update the contract and become the owner yourself.

    Contracts are not just limited to animals and some mythical beasts. They can be anything from any type of mythology or some sort of angelic beings, however, remember there are Tennins on this forum so you might find that difficult.
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