The Dark, Wonders of the World

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    He knew Belial knew, that his attacks were useless, of course, he was no Taijutsu Specialist, hell he was not even adept at using Taijutsu. But, at this point he had no other options, it was basically a sort of suicide at this point. With his first attack although it was going to go through, at the last second Yubon had automatically put up his defenses, and at this point, Belial knew...he fucked up. Because his kick felt like it had landed on a steel brick, with little room. He was almost going to tear from the amount of pain but he preserved, a ninja should. He was calculating as fast as he could while in the midst of finishing his other attack to the lower leg. He already knew that it would not connect because he was unbalanced and reeling a bit from Yubon's block. He slowed down a bit, from his kick to get less pain, because he knew that if it connected, at this point it was useless due to Yubon's skill in taijutsu.

    It was wrong to assume...very very wrong to assume to know anything about especially when in a fight, and Belial just got his first taste of that...perhaps more would follow even after this he did not know. But, he had to decide quick and fast what his next actions would be, and then he suddenly...thought of something. Utterly weak at this point he had no idea what was going to happen but it was worth a shot. At this point his kick connected but, it was blocked with Yubon's lower level block with his fist. At the same time he was trying to move back, but at this point, he knew that he could not do that, due to Yubon's body, and perhaps his knowledge in taijutsu techniques. He had none of that as he was never adept at Taijutsu, to begin with. As he was moving backward to retreat, he knew...the chance finally came.

    Yubon closed in on the gap between them very quickly like a skillful hand to hand combat user. He knew if the other person gained momentum at this point moving backward it would not be in his favor. He had anticipated this result from when he was going for the thigh kick. He intentionally balanced himself while in a backward momentum in order to take the hit while putting chakra in his legs and feet. As soon as Yubon had landed a glancing punch to his sternum he jumped backward in the trajectory that he would land, but making it far more excessive than the punch he would have received. He at this point would have landed about 5 meters away from Yubon, on his butt. The blow was glancing but it still hurt, and at the same time, Belial put both of his hands on his sternum, while looking at Yubon.

    At the same time, he began using Hypnosis
    ...AHHHHH.... I knew it...I knew you were trying to do something, but this time they sent someone to kill me instead of just beat me up is it...I am the disgrace of the Tennin race, am I...Well, I have seen through your scheme...of killing me so just go tell them that I won't die...not yet at least. And with that, Belial had slumped forward while on his butt, with his eyes closed and his ears closely listening to Yubon, while maintaining to not move as well as keeping his chakra fluctuations and movements to a minimum and a slow crawl.

    Belial, while moving a bit..actually gathered together dirt and grass in his sleeves in such a way that Yubon would not notice due to being blocked from view.

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